Welcome and Small Business Saturday

Welcome to everyone who talked to me at U-Con last weekend!  I sincerely enjoyed meeting all of you.

Having a merchant booth for the first time was a great experience.  I’m currently aiming to repeat this at Penguicon in April, and maybe some other conventions.

Until then, you can always buy many of the same items you saw this weekend in my Etsy shop.  Take a look at your Christmas shopping list for those you love and pick something for them!  A great day to buy something would be on Saturday, November 26th, when a 10% off coupon will be available for Small Business Saturday (enter Level8SBS at checkout on November 26th for 10% off).  I am the smallest of small businesses – it’s just me!  All proceeds go directly back into the business and keeping a roof over my head and my creativity flowing.  🙂

Only about half of my merchandise is currently in the shop.  I’ll be adding the rest in the coming months.  If you think you remember a specific piece that is not in the shop yet that you want, let me know, and I’ll add it for you.

My current new commissions list doesn’t start until January-February, but I will sneak in a few small commissions of custom bookmarks or dice bags before the December winter holidays start, if you want one for a special gift – just send me an Etsy converation to get that started.

I love looking at the colors in these photos.  Earth tones are definitely my favorite colors!

Here are some of the bookmarks I made special before U-Con.  Pyrography is a fun art that I’m still exploring the limits of!  I love how there’s always something new to learn with the creative arts.

I wish the best to all of you, and hope you’re taking care of yourselves right now.  With everything going on, remember that self-care is an important part of life, too.  Peace and love to you and yours.


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I'm a scientist from Ann Arbor, MI! Leatherworker. Sewist. Exuberant gardener. Board game addict. SCAdian. Huge nerd. :)

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