Hey there!

I’m Kell!

Woah, have a LOT of things around here changed lately.  Didn’t you used to be called Level 8 Craftling?  What happened?  The last three years happened – two new jobs, one new (great!) partner, buying a (so cute!) house, moving (omg, the worst), making progress on improving several huge chronic health issues (#slowprogressisprogress), and one entirely redesigned blog (ooo, pretty!) with a brand new name (I’ll explain soon!).  

Now I’m back, and I just want to share all the things with you as I aspire to live a quirky, quietly happy, modern (and medieval!) cottagecore life.  I try my hardest to find happiness in little things, and have a blast being creative making everything. I hope reading Birch and Briar inspires you to do the same.  

More about me?

  • Everyone asks, but my hair really is this color naturally!  I started greying at age 14.
  • I love parks, and plan to visit every one of my town’s over 100 parks.
  • The majority of my clothes are sewn by me, or altered from thrift store finds.
  • I’ve been working with leather for over 12 years.
  • I do medieval recreation!  My medieval nickname is Birke die Jaegerin, and the friends I’ve made in this fantastically weird hobby of mine are simply the best.
  • I work in a science lab that studies viruses, to eventually be able to make better treatments for them (hoo boy, has it been an interesting time to study viruses…).
  • My favorite smells are smoked salt, sage, and rosemary.
  • Aaaaaaaaaand I love playing board games more than almost anything.  Kobold (the little black loaf of doom) helps us the best he can.

Stick around for lots of pretty pictures of my aspiring #cottagecore life, and introduce yourself in the comments!  I can’t wait to meet more of you.