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It’s been over two years since I started designing my storage case for my Dominion cards.  I finished making it in May of 2015, and it’s had a year of solid use before these pictures were taken.  Let me tell you: it works, and it’s awesome.  I’ve ironed out the couple bugs it had (one of which I’ll point out later in this post), and it’s a thing of beauty and a powerhouse of a carrying case.  Here’s a more in-depth look at my custom card game organizer!

Carrying all those cards is heavy, but there are two carrying straps: one thick adjustable belt for carrying it over the shoulder, and one hand-held handle.  Both are firmly stitched on with multiple tracks of saddle stitching and woven into the spine of the case, so they should last for a very long time.

Two more belts wrap around the case, holding it shut.  Undoing those buckles and laying out the case on a table, this is the first thing you see – another layer of leather protection to make sure those cards don’t slip around and get lost, damaged, or wet (if it rains while carrying it outside).  These leather flaps are tied together with leather thongs, so they can be pulled snug to keep the cards in place.

Peaking out of the end, you can see the longer case that holds the larger sets of base cards.

Opening the two leather flaps, you can see the top page of the “book” of cards and the long case for the base cards.

In order to make pockets that perfectly held 10-16 cards without the cards easily falling out, I made eight different prototypes.  The final result is made from a beautiful black cotton twill that is backed with two layers of strong interfacing between each set of cards.  This fabric was specifically chosen both because the names of the cards pop out easily against the black background and it’s durable and strong, with just the right one-way stretch to allow the pockets to grip the cards securely.  The pockets are cut and stitched meticulously by me, because a mistake of just 1/8″ will make the pockets too loose or too tight to hold the cards right.

The last page includes a folder that holds the rule books.

This page, with pockets to hold the mats from the first few expansions, I do not include in the custom version for others, simply because it does not hold up to time.  The mats are simply too slippery to stay in the pockets, and they slide around too much.  In the custom order, I will make the outside pocket (for coins and other mats) larger, in order to fit them, unless the customer has a different idea they would like to try.

The base cards are in a wet-formed and painted stiff leather case, held closed with buttons.

I am open to ideas for how the customer wants to separate their cards.  I have simply written the names of the cards on heavy cardstock that is a little taller than the cards, but these could be printed with custom name plates that are much more visually appealing.

Here is a close-up view of how beautifully the cards pop out against the twill fabric.

The one-of-a-kind pocket on the outside holds mats, coins, and other pieces for the game.

You can see how strongly all the pieces are stitched together.  The handle is also adjustable, to fit different size hands.

Interested in a custom leather case for your treasured favorite game?  Let me know!  I am willing to make up prototypes and quotes for other types of games, too.  I adore my Dominion case.

Your nerdy local neighborhood leather artist,


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