Custom SCA Heavy Weapons Dagger Sheath

I designed and made a custom-fit heavy weapons dagger sheath for a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the medieval reenactment group I’m in.

Heavy fighting weapons are typically made out of rattan, which is similar to bamboo, that is wrapped in padding and tape.

It’s often useful for those that fight long-range weapons, like spears, to also have a short-range weapon on them in case an opponent gets too close to them on the battlefield.  To carry that dagger comfortably and in style, a sheath is needed.

The trickiest part of designing the sheath is to make it exactly the right size.  Too loose, and the dagger will fall out on the battlefield (when one falls down to be “dead” or does a complicated maneuver to avoid an opponent’s blade).  Too tight, and you won’t be able to draw the dagger (duct tape does not slide easily on leather).

I designed a sheath that is tight enough that the dagger doesn’t fall out even if the sheath is shaken upside down, yet the dagger can still be drawn easily with one sharp tug.

The sheath is affixed to the belt at a 45 degree angle, for ease in grabbing the handle.

The outside is carved and painted with the customer’s unique coat of arms.

I’d love to see your solutions to carrying your weapons in style – let me know in comments or contact me!  ~Kell, aka Birke die Jaegerin

Author: Wynter

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