Laurel Weaving

As I mentioned last week, the peerages are the highest awards in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  The Order of the Laurel is for arts and/or sciences, indicating that someone has done years of research, artwork, and teaching of a medieval craft.

Another good friend of mine was elevated last year to the Order of the Laurel.  I wove her a belt on my inkle loom.

The design is based on her heraldry.  I did some pick-up weaving to put the word laurel into it, so she can never forget how awesome she is.

Below you can see the hint of the buckle that I attached to it, in the middle of the woven bundle.

So glad she loved it!  Has anyone done any fun weaving lately?  Share in the comments, especially if you have photos!  I want to see and hear about it!

Interested in more examples and instructions on doing this stripes method of pick-up weaving?  Check out this post.


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