Red Fret Pick-Up Inkle Weave

This beautiful weave of a red fret is made of silk and cotton.  The white is a gorgeous silk generously given to me by Dillon ap Dillon, an amazing tablet weaver in the Barony of Cynnabar.  The red fibers is crochet cotton size 10, purchased from JoAnn’s.  I love the contrast of the shiny silk with the slightly larger red yarn!

The red diamonds are in place to keep the floats between the frets from being too long. The pattern is the same one I used for my purple fret weave in this post.  It’s amazing how different the weave can look with a different color and type of yarn!  I wove this as a gift for a friend who has a red fret in his heraldry.

Below is the warping pattern.  I warped 6 threads of white for a border (three heddled, three unheddled), followed by 13 red threads separated by 2 white threads each time (red white white, red white white, etc), and then 6 more white threads after the last red thread to complete the opposite border.

Without any dropping of threads, you will see a checkerboard pattern of red threads.

To create the pattern, drop the threads marked in pink, and pass your shuttle above the dropped threads in the shed.

Enjoy your weaving, and share you adventures with me on Pinterest!  ~Kell

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