Wooden SCA Box

Almost three years ago, DeForest and I had an awesome Saturday spending 3 hours going through our neighborhood garage sales.  One of the items I found was this great wooden box!  It now holds my everyday SCA items, separate from the garb chest behind it.

It was a little beat up and dirty.  I gave it a thorough scrubbing and polished it with some mineral oil.

The random fishing gear it came with!

On the side, it had this great old-time stamp for California asparagus.  I love wooden boxes, and the vintage wording on the side made it especially cool.  The problem was that I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to use this box for at home – I kept coming back to the idea that it should be for SCA things.  The text on the side didn’t fit with the SCA time period, though.

I waffled on this for a couple indecisive years, until my friend Heather finally told me to just paint over it with my heraldry.  I’m so glad I followed her suggestion, even if I was a little sad to paint over the vintage font.

I used simple acrylic paint to cover the end of the box with my heraldic device.

Inside, it now holds my various day-to-day SCA needs.  And a cat.  Always a cat.

Gnome decided this morning that whatever Mom was doing, she was doing too.

Inside there are the things I put on my belt for every event: my pocket watch belt pouch and my belt knife (also has my device on it).  My heavy iron viking cloak pin is in there, and various fencing doodads (tape, sand paper for removing burrs from swords…).

In one well, there’s my linen hood, my belts, and my cadet scarf.  I wear these at every event I go to, and it’s nice to have them separate from the large cedar chest which holds all my garb.  No more digging for the little things, or forgetting them!

The other well holds my feast gear – a couple wooden plates, bowls, mugs, and utensils.

All the small SCA things, together in one place!  Makes them so much easier to find and organize this way.

One last picture of Gnome!  I tried to get her to pose looking at the camera, but her diva heart was having none of it.  🙂  ~Kell

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