Pocket Watch Belt Pouch

This pocket watch is dear to me, as it was a favorite possession of DeForest’s.  Pocket watches, being breakable, need a secure place to be kept.  As I don’t have suitable pockets in all of my clothing, especially my SCA clothing, I made a padded belt pouch to carry the watch.

Pocket watches are a little later than my period (pre-1200s), as the earliest references to them are in the 15th century and they weren’t popular until the 17th century (similar to wristwatches).  Hiding the pocket watch in a simple belt pouch allows me to keep the watch protected and still have it fit in with my garb.

The lining of the pouch is made from very thick fox fur.  This pocket watch is so padded I could probably throw it across a room and not break it (though I won’t be testing this assertion on purpose!).

I’m in love with the natural curves of the leather that edge this piece.

The belt loop has a simple button closure that makes it very easy to take on and off.

The pouch closes with a matching button.

I adore this.  Leatherworking can be so beautiful.  ~Kell

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