Gourmet Pop Review 2

I’ve tried another round of special pops, purchased from World Market!  Click on to find out more about them.

Salted Caramel Root Beer by Cicero Beverage Co: I didn’t care for this one very much, but that is because it tasted very creamy – like cream soda.  I don’t like cream soda, so I am naturally biased against this beverage and can’t give a balanced assessment of it.  Matt liked it, though.  If you want something that is an interesting twist on a cream soda, try this and let me know what you think!

Old Town Rootbeer:  This was a pleasant root beer.  Nothing incredibly special, but I certainly enjoyed it.  I would drink it again.

Anchor Ginger Root Beer:  I really, really liked this one, and definitely plan on buying it again.  It starts off tasting like a well-balanced root beer, and then it sneaks in a little punch of ginger after a few seconds.  I found the combination to be very interesting!

Joia Lime Hibiscus & Clove:  This was another fascinating one!  I very much enjoyed this take on a citrus beverage.  It’s in the lemonade family, as it’s main flavor is lime, but the other flavors in it made it much more than your regular lemonade/limeade.  I will also be buying this one again in the future, for when I’m in the mood for a flavorful citrus drink.


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