Speaking of Babies…

Since I mentioned baby Ava (now 7 months old!  She’s the daughter of DeForest’s sister) in the last post, I figured I’d throw up pictures of the baby blanket I made for her!

 The front I made out of two soft old flannel shirts I got off of Freecycle (they had holes in them, but I cut around the holes!), and the back is a really soft green sweatshirt material I’ve had lying around for years.  This is the first blanket I’ve ever quilted – all my other quilts I only spot-tied.  I quilted it in a random zigzag pattern, and I now have renewed respect for people who fully quilt their quilts.  Not only did it take forever and this blanket is only about 44″ square, but I have all sorts of little ripples where the quilting isn’t entirely flat.  Regardless, it is soft and warm and a nice size for a baby. 🙂

I also made a baby quilt for Keziah, Dave and Amity’s baby, who is now 4 months old and adorable.  It’s made out of flannel from JoAnn’s, because I didn’t have enough flannel left at home and not in their favorite colors (purple, black, and blue, a “big bruise”).  I quilted it the same way, and it is roughly the same size of ~44″ to a side.

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