A Very Minecrafty Halloween

RAAAAAAAA!  Boo!  For Halloween 2010, I was a Minecraft skeleton!  Madison was Steve, which is the unofficial name for the default player skin.  Minecraft is an amazing computer game that is kind of a combination of Legos and exploring – you literally mine things and then craft things in a randomly generated world.  At some point I will post pictures of the various things I have built in Minecraft, because I’ve been playing for over two years now and my world is pretty extensive.  But on to the costumes!  They were really easy to make – just some cardboard, duct tape, string, and a stick.

GRRR!  Wait, no – this is what a zombie does, not a skeleton!  Skeletons are archers!

What the who now?  What am I??!!?!


Author: Kell

I'm a scientist from Ann Arbor, MI! Leatherworker. Seamstress. Maker of things. Enthusiastic gardener. Board game addict. Nature explorer. Forever seeking my best life.

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