Pennsic Medallion Leather Wall Hanging

One of the joys of Pennsic (medieval camping event) is getting a unique medallion every year.  While at Pennsic, one wears the medallion as a site token.  The question is often what to do with the medallions afterwards.  They are unique pieces of metal art, tied up with lots of memories, so discarding them isn’t desirable.  Some people make jewelry out of them, string them onto belts, or add them to a pilgrim’s bag.  I made a patchwork leather wall hanging.

A wall hanging has the advantages of being able to be easily displayed without weighing down your person with lots of jangling, heavy metal.  The patchwork nature of my leather art means it will be easy to add to this, year after year, with future Pennsic medallions, without making the current piece look unfinished (with missing spaces to be filled later).  

I’ve been to Pennsic four times thus far.  I grabbed leather scraps that contrasted with the colors of the four medallions and laid out them out on a table to determine the initial layout.

The medallions were then individually riveted to the leather.

I used contrasting, yet coordinating, stitching to make the scraps truly pop next to one another.

Here’s my Pennsic medallion leather wall hanging, on the wall in my studio!

I love letting the nature of found materials, like leather scraps, inform the shape of the piece.  This one is no exception.  I look forward to seeing it grow, year after year.

I’m happy to make a similar piece of unique Pennsic art for you!  Let me know how many medallions you have, and we can work out a commission to beautifully hang your memories on your wall.

144 days until Pennsic!!!  Anyone already starting a project list?  ~Kell

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