Encouraging Words

It’s less than a week until two events: the regular world holiday of Valentine’s Day, and the SCA event St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, and this year they both fall on the same day (Saturday).  It was the first event I went to with DeForest, in fact the first SCA event that I went to the full thing, and it marked the real start of our friendship and then relationship. This week holds a lot of memories for me.  And while I’ve never really marked Valentine’s Day with any real importance, it still nudges a reminder that my love, one of my best friends in the world, is no longer here.  This grieving process is long, slow, often agonizing, and completely normal, which strikes me as odd some days (especially how we never talk about it in our culture).

Anyway, between dealing with grief-related emotional swings, the slog of job hunting, and the fact that I may be getting sick, I don’t really feel like posting any of my current projects. Instead, I’m going to post encouraging words.

Author: Wynter

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