Holiday Break!

I’m going to take a holiday break from blogging for the next three weeks. Here are some cat pics to tide you over into the new year. 🙂

Kobold and Gnome, helping me play board games from the futon next to the gaming table.

Kitten Gnome!

Proof that Kobold had stripes when he was a kitten! In bright sunlight or with the camera flash on, he had subtle brown stripes. Alas, he has grown out of them and now appears to be solid black.

The kids as wee kittens, conked out after a hard day of helping me sew.

Kobold’s watching me write up this blog post right now. Soon he’ll be nudging my hands to pet him instead of type, so I should just go and indulge him now. Happy Holidays, everyone! I’ll be back on January 5th with more crafty awesomeness. ~Kell

Author: Wynter

I'm a scientist from Ann Arbor, MI! Leatherworker. Sewist. Exuberant gardener. Board game addict. SCAdian. Huge nerd. :)

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