More baby SCA clothes!

A few months ago (wow, back in April), I made a couple sets of baby/toddler SCA clothes for some dear friends of mine.  They have a young one and very little help taking care of her, so I hadn’t seen them much and I was hoping to lure them out to SCA events by bribing them with clothes for the wee one.  It worked!  I saw them at two local revels this summer!

I made baby Viking garb, since it seemed the easiest – just a couple T-tunic shift dresses, and a little apron dress to go over them.  The unseen seams (side seams, etc) are all made using the sewing machine, but I hand-stitched the hems.  There are a few reasons for this: first, because I like hand stitching, and it was calming and nice to do so on something so small – very quick to see fun results!  Second, it made the simple garments that much prettier.  And finally, it’s so the hems would be very easy to take out.  I deliberately made the clothes adjustable so that they would hopefully fit her for a long time.  The hems are HUGE.

First, a little apron overdress!  It’s made out of a random orange fabric I have in my stash.  I have no idea what this is made of.  It feels like a synthetic.

Second, a linen underdress!  The neckline is finished with blanket stitch.  I love blanket stitch – it keeps edges from fraying so well, and it’s so pretty and easy!  You can see how huge both the bottom and arm hems are.

Another underdress!  This one is a linen/rayon mix.

Finally, pictures of the wonderful girl!  The clothes are still a little large.  The neck of the tunic can be pinned with a safety pin or viking brooch, but it had to be made large to fit over her head.

Who can resist that face?  I sure can’t.  🙂  ~Kell

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