Gratuitous Pictures of Cats

The title pretty much says it all.  I’ve amassed a decent number of pictures of my cats, and I’m going to post them.  Because cats are adorable.  Most of these were taken with my cell phone, so some are definitely of dubious quality.  Eh, yay, my blog, I’ll post what I want to.

Cats pictures after the jump!

Gnome playing with her bobble toy that my mom got her!  She was moving so much I couldn’t catch a still image.

Gnome hiding out in my crafts supplies closet.  Look in the middle of the picture – she found the pile of nice wool to curl up on.

Closer up picture

Gnome and Kobold were cuddling and cleaning each other on the chair – so cute!

Them cuddling on my lap while I did the hand-stitching on the inside of my steampunk leather vest (entirely hand stitched… I’ll post pictures at some point).

This is from last week – I woke up and they were both curled up in the high box on the cat tower.  I hadn’t seen them both in there since they were MUCH smaller, and it’s adorable how they snuggle even though Kobold was kind of half spilling out of the side of the box.  Sleep kitty faces – mommy just woke them up.

Yep, spilling over the side.

Just waking up!

I will sit on your lap with the laptop!!

We can so both fit here with the laptop, Mom…

They are so pretty

More cuddling shots

And another one

Hanging out on the futon in the sewing room, surrounded by detritus from projects.  I believe Kobold has his head buried inside the carpet roll.  He did that a lot.

Hi, Mommy!  We’re just chillin’, ignore us.

What, you were using this lap?  I can totally fit between you and the edge of the table and the project you’re working on.  Let me start chewing on your iPod cord… (This would be why I’ve gotten into the habit of clipping my iPod to my waistband and then running the cord underneath my shirt – cat-proof the sucker.)

What?  I totally fit here.

My turn!!!  Gnome got up!  My lap now, bwahahaha!

Mommy, stop sewing and play with us…

There’s more cat pictures where these came from… they’ll be posted another day.  🙂


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