Wall Hooks!

I love having wall hooks – it’s so much easier to just hang something on a hook than a hanger, and things like scarves and hats can be hung on them, too.  DeForest and I bought some nice metal hooks from a blacksmith at last July’s Ann Arbor Art Festival, and I finally got around to putting them on the wall in February.

We didn’t have enough studs in the wall to hang the hooks up individually (thanks for the stud finder, Dad!), so I hung them on a piece of wood.  I started with a scrap 2 by 4 piece that I got at the Ann Arbor ReUse Center for free from their junk wood pile (this place is AMAZING – some day I’ll post about the cheap furniture I’ve gotten there).  I’m not sure if their junk wood pile is always free, but I was buying something else and they told me I could take some wood pieces for free.  I measured the angles I wanted, and cut the edges of the wood at a slant with the hand power circle saw that DeForest got me for Christmas (so awesome and a complete surprise!).  Then I sanded and stained the wood with wood stain that I found in a cupboard at the apartment I subletted last summer (haha free wood stain!).

This paint shirt used to be a work shirt of Dad’s – I’ve been using it since I was a small child.  🙂

Then I found the studs again, drilled holes in the wall for it (thanks for the power drill, too, Dad!  I use it quite often), and hung it up with the hooks on it.

So much better than before!  For months we had mostly been throwing all this stuff on the chest inside the door (or occasionally I would hang it up in the closet and then DeForest would grumble that he couldn’t find his coat as he wouldn’t think to look in the closet… silly man).  I love my hooks!  So pretty and so functional!

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