10 Changes of the Last 4 Years

Since it’s been a minute (ha) since the last time I regularly posted, there are a lot of changes to update y’all on. Like for many people, life has been incredibly stressful since 2016, and especially for the past year. But it’s important to also celebrate the wins, and I am grateful that my life has been upgraded in many wonderful ways over these long last few years.

Since I know many of us are struggling with mental health right now (I know I am), I want to point out that this is a highlight reel, and its purpose is not to compare our individual struggles and dark times against this the rosy glow this post portrays. I want to share because science has shown that focusing on gratitude and good things can be incredibly healing and healthy. I know grief, and anxiety, and depression, but I also know joy. For this moment, I want to step back and focus on the joy. Come look at pretty pictures of good moments with me. 🙂

First (and most importantly): I’ve been dating this wonderful goofball! 3.94 years and counting!

We bought a house!!!!! I can’t believe how wonderful it is.

I help manage a virus lab – it certainly has been an interesting year to work in virology… please wear a mask!

I sewed 27 pieces of medieval-inspired clothing in under 3 months, so Peter could love Pennsic as much as I do (success! huzzah! medieval camping festivals for the win!).

I joined my SCA household! More family = more better <3

Hard work and dedication has made my health issues more manageable. Still a work in progress, but it’s a lot better than it was a few years ago.

I’ve gotten more involved in politics. Two successful ballot initiatives, canvassing in the primary, and worked the 2020 polls to help defend democracy! Working on Ranked Choice Voting next, once it’s safe to be canvassing again!

We built a pandemic sanity work-from-home office space in the backyard. So freaking grateful for this.

The cats continue to be THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST. All cats are best cats!

And finally: my garden has expanded… twice. And I’m not done expanding yet!

Taking a moment to zoom out and see all the wonderful upgrades of the last four years at once has been a real balm amidst the chaos of 2020/2021. I hope this upcoming year brings many more positive changes out of the darkness. Take care, lovely people.

Author: Wynter

I'm a scientist from Ann Arbor, MI! Leatherworker. Sewist. Exuberant gardener. Board game addict. SCAdian. Huge nerd. :)

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